Hannover, 2006

"Sweet Home Pfronten" - so the English working title - will be document of an experiment. A very personal experiment. I, Michael Wurfel, moved back to the place I grew up in, a beautiful tourist village in the Bavarian Alps: Pfronten. I left the place after graduating from school 13 years ago, I travelled, studied, worked, enjoyed big city life. But I never ceased to wonder:
Wouldn't Pfronten still be a perfect place to live?


I have the fondest childhood memories, the nature is awesome, the village seems to prosper and haven't always nice people been living there?

So I moved. Left Berlin, took a flat in Pfronten, with a view on Germany's highest mountain.
And because everybody is searching for the perfect place (and because I'm a filmmaker), I brought cameras and, occasionally, a little film crew. Imagine I'd find the secret to good life and can't share it with anybody!

As you're reading this, the experiment is over. If I did find the secret to good life, it's not written down as one convenient formula. Good thing I filmed.

We are right now editing and post producing "Sweet Home Pfronten". It's a long process - we're lacking funding and we have an abundance of material. But we're getting there. Our film will be fun, subjective and - that's an understatement - authentic. The things that have happened in this half year, the people we met and portrayed and the way the filming process itself has shaped this whole experience will make "Sweet Home Pfronten" extremely worthwile watching. Consider it a documentary novel prototype.


pictures on this page by Michael Wurfel:
(1) the valley of Pfronten as seen from the lower slopes of Edelsberg
(2) DOP Hans Rombach BVK