We uploaded stills from each editing session in our little studio in Hannover, Germany, during post production in 2006 and 2007 to give interested visitors of our site an impression of how our film will look like. It's a little idea to make the editing process visible. Click on the pictures or here to find all uploaded stills with credits and a little blog in German.

"Yesteryear's Snow (Schnee von gestern)" is a feature documentary by Michael Wurfel (writer, director, camera, sound)

MITV, Michael Wurfel
Inselfilm, Gregor Streiber
Seven Years Film, Hans Rombach

Hans Rombach (BVK)
Robert Pittman
Shai Levy

in case you're wondering: The correct spelling of our director's last name is with two dots over the "u". As this letter does not exist in some countries, it can be spelled as "ue" as in "Wuerfel", but as this doesn't help pronouncing it, we prefer to write Wurfel.
And: BVK, as in "Hans Rombach (BVK)", stands for Bundesverband Kamera, meaning "German Society Of Cinematographers"